1) This is how the HUGHES Head Restraint Device Comes.
2) Next, you can buy the 1/2" pipe padding at Home Depot or Lowes.  If you want the self-adhesive padding (like above), it costs about $6 per 5ft length (you'll need two).  This is very easy to use, and produces a clean look, when wrapped.

If you want the non-adhesive padding (that can be wrapped with tape), it costs about $1.50 per 5ft length. 
3) Next, wrap the tubing.  One continuous piece can wrap the top (curved) part.  Two vertical pieces can wrap the center posts.  Finally, a small piece can wrap the small connecting piece, in the middle. 
South East Champ Kart Series - Additional SAFETY Requirements

One low cost device that is available for karters to consider is the HUGHES Head Restraint.  It was designed by Tim Hughes of Inglis, Florida.  Tim personally utilized this device on his own champ kart, during the 2006 and 2007 South East Champ Kart Series seasons.  Tim is a highly respected machinist, who currently makes custom race seats for Open Wheel Modified racers in the Central Florida area.  Tim's head restraint device has been "battle tested" numerous times during impacts with the wall in South East Champ Kart Series events (and in rollovers).  No injuries have been reported (yet) by persons who utilized Tim's device. 

As of June 18, 2008, Tim's price for his head restraint device was $50, plus shipping.  The device mounts on the back of the seat.  This allows the device to move with the seat, in the event that the seat breaks in a severe impact.  If a racer chooses, he/she can also attach the device to the two upright bars behind the driver's heat, for additional rigidity.

To order, please contact:
Tim Hughes (Please call before 9pm Eastern Time)
Home: 352-447-2369    Cell: 352-400-1727

Due to the high speeds and increased risks of running champ karts on full size "stock car" tracks with    concrete walls, the South East Champ Kart Series has mandated two additional safety features for all    karts.

    1)  All champ karts must have a helmet net installed on the left side of their kart.  These nets are           relatively inexpensive (as low as $15 per), and are sold under the Impact Racing, G-Force,
   RaceQuip, and Simpson brands, among others.  These nets are commonly utilized in the          quarter midget, midget and sprint car divisions. 

    2) In addition, a head restraint device is ALSO REQUIRED on each champ kart.

  The series has decided not to mandate a specific brand or type of head restraint. As a result, each        racer will need to make a decision themselves regarding which device they feel would work best, for    their body size, and seat inclination.

  The head restraint device may be a "halo" device that mounts on the seat, or cage, to cradle the
  drivers helmet.  OR, the head restraint may be a device that the driver wears, such as a HANS,     Hutchens, Vahalla 360 Device, etc.   

Tim Hughes with wife
4) Next, purchase three 5/16" bolts (with rounded heads), six fender washers, and six 5/16" locking nuts.
5) Next, drill three 5/16" holes in the seat. 

The height of the upper bar of the device on each side should be at the driver's temple area.
The final finished look of the head restraint will depend on each driver's preferences.  Some drivers wrap the foam in duct tape, while others use electric tape
(this one is not yet wrapped.). 
    South East Champ Kart Series

Where race fans pay for the whole seat, but only use the edge!
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Page Last updated: 3/4/2014
    South East Champ Kart Series

Where race fans pay for the whole seat, but only use the edge!
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Page Last updated: 3/4/2014